Sorry, this one-day offer has ended.  There is a new “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Fandango Movie Ticket” code (up to $14.00 value) you can redeem for 2 points today (Friday, April 16) only at Tropicana Juicy Rewards program .  If you haven’t purchased tickets through Fandango before, you may want to check for your closest participating theaters first.  You are limited to one redemption per account and the code you receive will expire June 16.

Need codes to get those 2 points?  Check my previous Tropicana Rewards posts for codes you haven’t used.

One reader said: “This is a great program. My family was going to the aquarium this Sunday and they have a buy one get one free for only 2 points, it’s saving us $17 on one admission!”  So be sure to enter your zipcode to find out what discounted amusement and water park tickets are available near you!

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