Watch free videos on parenting topics at BabyMeTV. I love this new resource because it’s FREE, you don’t have to download any special software, and no site registration is required to access all of the videos and articles. It’s not only a great resource for parents, but for grandparents too! Currently there are several short videos (10 minutes or less), here are a few of the titles: Baby Massage is Fun!, Intro to Solid Foods, Stay at Home Dad, Breast Feeding and Separation Anxiety. The videos are professionally produced, insightful snapshots of the lives of real parents and their real experiences. The videos are complimented by interesting articles written be experts in various fields. My favorite article is The Mom Club: Buy Cheap Bedding and Save Your Money for Therapy which gives you a real look at some of the challenges the addition of a baby adds to your relationship as a couple. BabyMeTv will be adding more videos on a variety of topics, including feeding a baby a vegetarian diet. If you want to keep-up with what new videos and features are added to this site, I encourage you to sign-up for the BabyMeTV monthly newsletter.