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Pin It – Orange Chicken Kabobs 15-minute Meal

Moms love quick meals which is why I created this Orange Chicken Kabobs recipe using Tyson Mix n Match Creations. When I saw the Tyson Tangy Orange sauce I just knew it would be a hit with my kids, so I selected a protein and two sides to compliment the sauce. I went to the Frozen Meals section of Walmart to buy Tyson Chicken Breast Strips, Tyson Tangy Orange Sauce, Birds Eye Steamfresh Asian Style Vegetables, and Birds Eye Steamfresh Whole Grain Brown Rice.  I was able to feed my family of four plus have leftovers for slightly over $10. I love that the Mix n Match protein, sauce, and sides are all located right next to each other so you don’t have to waste time searching the entire Frozen section.

#ad Tyson Mix n Match - Orange Chicken Kabobs #MixNMatchMeals #cbias #shop

I rely on my freezer as a busy work-at-home mom of two boys in order to create quick meals that my family will love. I need to have healthy meals in my freezer to help me when I’m deciding what to make for dinner. My family is not a huge fan of frozen meals with the sauce on them already. That’s one reason Mix n Match appeals to us so much – you pick the sauce and you control how much sauce you use. Turning on the oven is not always an option due to time-constraints (and hot temperatures outside) so I especially need to have easy meals that use the stovetop and microwave. You’ll find more fast and easy recipes from Tyson on Facebook and @TysonTweets.

My kids gobbled up their Orange Chicken Kabobs and had only smiles (no complaints) when I served it as leftovers the next day. I love sesame seeds and thought it would be fun to roll the chicken in sesame seeds to give it a fun texture. I used the orange and green onions as garnish only so they really are optional in this recipe (but if you have them you should use them!). I covered the Chicken Breast Strips in Tangy Orange Sauce, but also served the sauce on the side so we could each customize our meal with just the right amount of sauce.

#ad Tyson Mix n Match - Orange Chicken Kabobs #MixNMatchMeals #cbias #shop

Pin It

Amazingly you can take your frozen Tyson Mix n Match products and turn them into Orange Chicken Kabobs in 15 minutes. Here’s my recipe with detailed directions. Print this recipe or Pin this recipe to find it easily later!

#ad Tyson Mix n Match - Orange Chicken Kabobs #MixNMatchMeals #cbias #shop
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Total time:
Get a delicious dinner on the table fast with Orange Chicken Kabobs that creatively use Tyson Mix n Match frozen products.
  • Tyson Chicken Breast Strips
  • Tyson Tangy Orange Sauce
  • Birds Eye Steamfresh Asian Style Vegetables
  • Birds Eye Steamfresh Whole Grain Brown Rice
  • Sesame Seeds (find them with spices or in Asian Foods)
  • Skewers
  • Orange slices (optional garnish)
  • Green Onions, chopped (optional garnish)
  1. Start by thawing the Tangy Orange Sauce according to package directions and then put the Brown Rice in the microwave (microwave for 6 minutes)
  2. While you are heating the Brown Rice you can put the Chicken Breast Strips in a skillet over medium heat (cook for 5 minutes or until well done)
  3. Put the Asian Style Vegetables in the microwave (microwave for 5.5 minutes)
  4. Add one packet of Tangy Orange Sauce to the chicken and finish cooking it. Pour the second packet of Tangy Orange Sauce in a bowl and heat in the microwave to serve with this meal
  5. You're ready to assemble your Kabobs! Roll the edges of the Chicken Breast Strips in sesame seeds and alternate chicken with vegetables on a skewer
  6. Serve over a bed of Brown Rice and garnish with orange slices and green onions. Enjoy!


Now it’s your turn to visit Tyson Mix n Match Creations to create your own meal using 5 proteins, 6 sauces, and 8 sides. You are the boss, don’t settle for a frozen meal that’s already got the sauce on it! Which Mix n Match meal combination did you create?

#ad Tyson Mix n Match - Orange Chicken Kabobs #MixNMatchMeals #cbias #shop

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Recipe originally published October 4, 2013.