My family has chosen to conserve all paper products in our household since we do not know for how long this health emergency will last. I wanted to share my tips on how we are conserving paper products:

  • Use cloth napkins. We keep a stack of clean cloth napkins on the counter as well as one at each of our spots at the table. If anyone wants to get a clean cloth napkin, it’s easy to do so. I’ve put my paper napkins away in the pantry, because if they aren’t easily accessible then we won’t be tempted to use them. Remember that in a pinch you’ve also got your holiday paper napkins to use.
  • Use European dish cloths. These are reusable paper towels, if you have them use them! They are easy to sanitize by putting them into the dishwasher or your washing machine. If you don’t have them, then simply use a dish cloth. Since it’s easy to do laundry more often now that we are all staying home, this should be an easy switch for you to make.
  • Use cloth handkerchiefs. I’ve also placed a stack of clean cloth handkerchiefs on the counter so my family has easy access to them. I have put all of our boxes of facial tissue away so we can’t use them right now. We are encouraging our sons to stick a handkerchief in their pocket if they need one.

How are you conserving paper products in your house? Please leave a comment to share!

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