🦩Free Mystery eBook: The Corpse in the Cabana ($3.99 value)

⛱Free eBook: The Corpse in the Cabana

Enjoy this free mystery eBook (normally $3.99) by Shea MacLeod only for a limited time. Scroll down and click on the link for your preferred eBook format. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps. Make sure the purchase price is still $0.00 because it could change at any time!

The Corpse in the Cabana $0.00

by Shea MacLeod

“Viola Roberts quit her boring accountant job to pursue her dream of writing novels. Now that her career has taken off, she’s headed to a writers’ conference at an exotic Florida resort. And, of course, no sojourn to tropical climes would be complete without her boozy, wise-cracking best friend, Cheryl. When Viola discovers the diva of the author world dead (as a doornail) of unnatural causes, the police immediately consider Viola their prime suspect. But when the head detective turns a gimlet eye on Viola’s best friend, the author has had enough! Along with help from hunky fellow writer, Lucas Salvatore, Viola is determined to ascertain who killed the corpse in the cabana.”

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