What is a Catalina? A Catalina is a coupon that prints on a special Catalina printer at the cash register. When you make a purchase, some of the items that you buy will trigger the printing of a Catalina coupon for your next purchase. It could be a competitor’s brand, or a new product by the same manufacturer. Some Catalinas are simply advertisements, but others are for $ off your next purchase, and I once got one that had a code on it to get a free sample!

Where can you use the Catalinas? The Catalinas are usually Manufacturer’s Coupons, but can only be redeemed at the store that issues the Catalina. The key words to look for are “Redeem at XX Store” and the scan code will only work at that specific store. Catalinas are different than the coupons you get in the mail that may have a store’s symbol on them, but are Manufacturer’s coupons that do not specify where they must be redeemed at. When I get these coupons in the mail, I just cut off the store’s symbol to avoid any confusion for the cashier (these coupons will scan at any store).

What stores print Catalinas at the register? Kroger, Walgreens, HEB, and many others. Target and CVS print their coupons at the end of your receipt rather than having a separate coupon printer. The key is to always check and make sure the cashier hands you your Catalinas! I once caught a cashier grab the Catalinas that just printed for me and throw them away – “Wait, I need those coupons!!!”.

Thanks goes to Cindy for asking me a question on where you can use Kroger Catalinas and inspiring today’s coupon tip. Click here if you missed Coupon Tips #1 – #17.