Wait – don’t throw away that box because there might be a coupon inside it! Another source of coupons is from product packaging. It could be the obvious peelie coupon on the outside of the package. Or it could be so obscure that you almost miss it – like the coupon inside a box of Cheerios for FREE Cheerios Snack Mix that Stephanie just found! So, grab your flashlight or carefully rip the box apart – but do check your packaging for coupons before recycling or disposing of it! If there isn’t a coupon in that cereal box, consider making a magazine rack out of it, simply cut and cover with pretty paper.

While we are talking about packaging – please save your Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s Labels for Education for the schools. If you don’t know a student who can turn them in, then you could give them away on Baby Cheapskate Coupon Traders!