Ryan and Amy asked “Is there a policy for overages? I have looked into this, but I couldn’t find anything. Some cashiers just scan the coupon and give the full amount off. I had one cashier say that she is suppose to reduce the amount of the coupon. If a product costs $0.89 and the coupon was for $1.00 off, if they reduce the amount does Wal-Mart still get $1.00 or do they get $0.89? If they get $1.00. then we should, right? Have you heard anything official on this?”

I haven’t heard anything official on this – but I thought it would be a good topic of discussion. Please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on this question. I believe that it will vary by store. I also believe that the store usually gets the face value written on the coupon from the manufacturer unless they write a different amount on it – so it would make sense in theory for them to also give you the full amount of the coupon even if the product is priced a little bit less. I find that if you get any coupon overage, it is highly variable within each store and depends on which cashier you get and how they ring up coupons. I never expect to get any coupon overage, but I do expect to get the product for free if the coupon value exceeds the price.

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