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Coupons 4 Mom: Printables

by Freebies4Mom on October 30, 2008 7:30 am

There are two things you should print and carry with you in your coupon file that may be useful for you to show to a store manager if you have the opportunity to talk to them about using your legitimate printable coupons. Print the SmartSource Letter and read what I wrote about it here. If you shop at Walmart, Print the Walmart Coupon Policy and read what I wrote about it here. If you have problems using printable coupons at your store, even after you talk to the store manager, then you need to call the corporate office. It’s easy to find this 1-800 customer service number by visiting the store’s website. Walmart’s number is easy to remember 1-800-WAL-MART. I encourage you to call and ask for clarification and provide feedback on the store’s coupon policies. Believe me, most stores want and value your feedback and they will be happy to hear from you. Sometimes corporate policies are not followed at individual stores and they may need a reminder coming from corporate to start following them. Please read my post “Will you take my printable coupon?” for more about this topic, especially if you shop at Kroger.

Do you need help printing coupons? It is very difficult for me to offer help beyond what I’ve already written in my posts: Printable Coupon Help and CoolSavings for SmartSource Coupons. The reason is that everyone has a different computer set-up and uses different operating systems and software. I encourage you to read the comments on these posts to hear what other readers are saying. Leave a comment yourself and you may find another reader who can share a solution with you. If you have a question about anything, the best way to get it answered is by leaving a comment on a relevant and recent post. That way if I am unable to answer it, one of my readers may step-in and help you out. You will need to subscribe to that posts comments in order to get new comments emailed to you.

It’s not too late to enjoy your free hot beverage at Barnes & Noble, expires on Halloween.

New Coupons This Week
Mars Candy $1 on 2 bags (in case you have some last-minute candy buying to do)

Kashi TLC soft-baked cereal bars $2 on one box (thanks to Kate, hint: I could print this in IE but not in Firefox).

Chex Mix Bars $1.25 on one box, better ask for the free sample too.

Progresso Soup $1.10 on 1 can of soup, print it twice by hitting the back button

Kraft Bagelfuls $1.00 just scroll thru the coupons until you see it and select other coupons to print at as well

Butterball $1 on the Deep Fried Tukey lunchmeat plus more coupons for Butterball products

Idahoan Potatoes $0.75 off 3 my computer didn’t like these printables, but would be worth a try if you normally buy this product

Red Gold Tomatoes Buy One Get One Free on any 14.5 oz. can

Hunts Tomato Save $1 on 2 products

Smart Ones Save $1 on 5 products

Gold Medal Wheat Flour Save $1 on a 5 lb. bag – plus browse the other coupons here

Betty Crocker coupons

Dove @ Target Save $1 on Dove Hair Care, combine it with a manufacturer’s coupon to save even more (you can use a Target coupon + manufacturer’s coupon on one item at Target). I was unable to print this coupon in Firefox, but I was able to print it using Internet Explorer.

First Response Save $2 on any product
Print your coupons now to save money and support my blog. You can also use the black “Quick Print” widget in my right sidebar as a quicker printing method. Lots of new coupons for October so be sure to check out the list! Of course I post new coupons daily and you’ll see them in the “Hottest 4 Coupons” box near the top right. Please check it for new coupons every time you visit Freebies 4 Mom.

Find more coupons I’
ve shared recently on Freebies 4 Mom.

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Cathy November 1, 2008 at 8:42 am

Thank you for the link to WalMart’s coupon policy. Every time I try to use printables there, I have to have a manager come! The last cashier was rude and sighed loudly when I asked for a supervisor. Now I’ll just whip this out!


Nate October 31, 2008 at 8:40 pm

Once at Target i had several different gerber coupons (some printable some from the package.) The printable ones had the it its illegal to duplicate disclaimer which freaked out the cashier. Even though one coupon wsa for 12 jars and another for 6 and I had 18 jars she thought if she let me use both it would be be duplicating the coupon and she could go to jail! I just used one, then took the other to another cashier.


SquishyCuteStuff October 30, 2008 at 11:32 am

What a timely post! I just got home from Walmart after being HUMILATED by them. I had a a small amount of items and went through “self-checkout”. I scanned my coupons, and one of the 1.10 Progresso ones wouldn’t register. The machine beeped, but nothing came up on the screen to indicate it was taken off. Then the machine froze, and they sent me to another one. I completed checkout (it took all of the coupons), and when I went to use my debit card, it froze! So I had to check out a 3rd time with a real-person register, they had to retrieve my coupons out of the defective machines, etc. etc. etc. The lady in charge of the self-checkout was loudly complaining how the coupons were going to throw the money counts off the defective machines, etc. and how the coupons broke the self-checkout registers. SOOO rude, considering I shop there 4 or 5 times a week. I felt about an inch tall. I had no problem when the lady who rang me up the 3rd/last time scanned the coupons. Has anyone else had this issue with self-checkout???


Heather October 30, 2008 at 11:21 am

Rachel – You need to call Target corporate and tell them about your experience. Read about my experience at Target here YOu have the right to use your Target coupons.If you are having problems emailing me, you’ll need to try to connect with me on Twitter!-HeatherFreebies 4 Mom


Anonymous October 30, 2008 at 10:58 am

It’s unfortnate that Idahoan Potatoes seriously messed up their flash, and it’s impossible to fill out the “new customer” registration.


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