Sorry, no longer available but see more current ways to Donate 4 Free at Freebies 4 Mom. This holiday season, the Real Women of Kraft’s Philadelphia products wants to donate up to 100,000 meals (or 0.14 cents each, the cost of a meal), to Feeding America in their Touch of Giving campaign. In their second year of the program, they ask that you upload a video to the Real Women of Kraft’s Philadelphia’s website using the Touch of Philly products. You can upload a 3 minute video showing you using the Touch of Philly products, dedicate the dish to someone in your video, and Philadelphia will donate 200 meals to Feeding America.

Starting October 31 – November 27, Philadelphia will release a new cooking theme on their site to help inspire you. You may even submit photos only for 100 meals per photo! And you can submit as many videos and photos as you wish! To submit a video or photo, you must be a member of the Real Women of Philidelphia website. You can cancel your membership through any email after you have submitted your video or photos.

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