Expired“I appreciate that you stay current on freebies and mark the ones no longer valid as “expired”. It really helps!” -Christine

I like to keep my blog current and am constantly updating it. This is a challenge since I have over 9,000 published posts. So my goal is to update recent posts as I can. If I find out something has expired, then I update it. I don’t spend hours at a time updating expired posts because my focus is bringing you the newest and the best freebies and ways to save money.

Did you know that my best source of information about expired posts are my readers? By simply leaving a comment on a post or sending me an email you can help me keep my blog updated. Do you find it useful that I update recent posts when they’ve expired?

I invite your comments and criticism about my blog, Freebies 4 Mom. My goal is constant improvement to help serve my readers better. I want to give you an inside view into how I run my blog plus give you opportunities to help me make improvements. Please contact me, I look forward to hearing from you!

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