FreeBoxThe key to getting your freebies forwarded to your new address when you move is to file a Change of Address Form with the United States Postal Service. But there are a few other things you can do too because the system probably won’t catch every piece of mail and get it to your new address.

Here are my tips based on my own moving experiences (five moves since I graduated from college):

Tip #1: Fill Out A Change of Address Form
This is an essential first step to directing mail destined for your old address to your new address. Fill out the form in your local Post Office for free. If it’s not convenient to go to your local Post Office, then fill out the form online for a $1.00 fee. Most freebies will be forwarded to your new address. Exceptions would be freebies that say “Or Current Resident” but those types of freebies are usually ones you don’t sign-up for, everyone just gets them.

Tip #2: Use your new address
Since most freebies take 8 to 10 weeks to receive, it’s a great idea to start using your new address as soon as your moving plan is finalized a few weeks before the actual move. Plus you’ll want to make a list of everyone who sends you mail on a regular basis so you can update your address with them too.

Tip #3: Tell Your Mailman You Are Moving
If you see your mailman, then just tell him or her that you are moving and that you filed a Change of Address Form. If you never see your mailman, then leave a note in your mailbox.

Tip #4: Tell Your Mailbox You Are Moving
It’s useful to post a note in your mailbox that “Remember to forward mail to….” but it by no means replaces the Change of Address Form you need to submit to the USPS. It’s simply a reminder that if any mail slips thru the system without getting the forwarding address sticker added it to it, hopefully the mailman will catch it before depositing it in your old mailbox.

Tip #5: Tell The People Who Move Into Your Home To Call You
If you’re comfortable communicating with the new owners of your old home, then simply give them your phone number and ask them to kindly call you if any mail slips thru the system. Of course most people know that if they receive mail that is not theirs, they should put it back in their mailbox with a note to please forward the mail. Theoretically the mailman will get it forwarded. But some people are really nice (I’m one of them) and make an extra effort to help the old owners get their mail in the first week or two after we move by calling them instead of shoving it back in the mailbox hoping they’ll eventually get it.

I’m sure you have some tips about moving too so please share them by leaving a comment!

Do you have any questions? I’m here to help you when you send me an email or maybe even creating a new “Freebie Tips” post based on your question.