The FeedBurner daily update by email is a summary that is emailed once a day at the same time (early in the morning) that only lists the new posts that have been made the day before. It is a useful way for some of my readers to get a daily update. You can easily subscribe to the daily updates by entering your email address in the subscription box I have on the right-hand side of my blog. One important item to remember is that the FeedBurner email is a one-time “capture” of my blog posts. In order to read any updates within the post, or any new comments made to the post, you need to visit my “live” website by clicking on the title of the post in the email. is always live, the email update is like a screen capture of one moment in time each day.

I offer giveaways on my website during short windows of time because it is a more practical way for me to give things away. Sometimes I offer giveaways that you can enter for anytime during one specific day. I often announce these ahead of time, but not always. Other times I offer giveaways to the first person that emails me expressing interest in what I am giving away. If you are interested in entering more of my giveaways, then you will need to visit during the day, rather than relying on reading the daily email update of what I posted the day before.

Please ask me any questions you have on how works, and I’ll start to answer them in an FAQ series. Thanks goes to Jody and several other readers for prompting me to write this first FAQ.