I have a clock in my kitchen and it is broken. I had a decision to make: buy new clockworks and a new battery, or have a broken clock. I have a broken clock – but that is ok because the function of this clock is decorative, not for keeping time.

There may be a few things in your house that are also broken, and you may decide that these things don’t need to be fixed and you might save some money by deciding not to fix them.

Here are some things to think about when you are faced with a broken item and debating about how to proceed:

1. Is the function of the broken item still served?

2. Would it be cheaper to buy a replacement (new or used) rather than pay for a repair?

3. If you can repair it yourself with things you already have on-hand, is it worth your time to repair it?

4. If you now consider this broken item no longer useful for your household, can you donate it or offer it for free to become someone else’s treasure?

Share with me what broken items you have in your household that you choose not to fix for frugal reasons?

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