Sorry, but it looks like this offer has ended. Get a free subscription to More magazine from Mercury Magazines in this free sample offer. Thanks goes to Stephanie who emailed me about this new free sample!  I love More magazine, and started reading it thanks to free sample offers like this one.  If you already have a subscription, go ahead and ask for your free 1-year subscription because they should just add that onto your current one.

I have received several free subscriptions from Mercury Magazines in the past (and never a bill). If you don’t have a business, you have the option of selecting for Industry: Other Industries, Homemaker, then for Job Function: Other Function, None, and None.  That will qualify you to get this free subscription, but the way their form is set-up you still have to type in something in the “Job Title” and “Company” field.  You can expect to see your first free issue arrive in 4 to 8 weeks.

I am getting most of my magazines for FREE (and a few at $5 or less per year) and I want you to get them for free or deeply discounted too. My favorite magazine that I pay for is All You, but that’s because it’s the magazine that pays me back with tons of coupons!

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