This offer has ended. Money Saving Mom wants to tell you that you can print a coupon to Save $2.25 on Silk Soymilk, making it almost free depending on the store you purchase it at (see tips below). I love the chocolate soymilk as a special treat. Enjoy your free Silk Soymilk! (Tip – I had to use the Mozilla Firefox browser in order to print this without getting an error)

If you buy soy milk on a regular basis, here are some ways to save from a previous post I wrote:
1. Shop Around – I hear that Walmart usually has the best prices on soymilk. Know your prices and compare. If a store is in your neighborhood and you drive by it anyways, it might be worth stopping to get a better price on a few products that you buy on a regular basis.

2. Talk to your Grocer – Ask a store employee if they have sales on a regular basis on the soy milk you buy. Do they ever mark it down when it gets close to the expiration date? When is the best day of the week to catch any markdowns?

3. Contact the Manufacturer – Tell your favorite manufacturer that you would like coupons on your favorite soymilk. The most successful way to make this contact is by phone, but you can also e-mail a request. Tell them why you drink their soymilk and you may be pleasantly surprised by receiving some coupons.

4. Tell your Friends – They can collect coupons for you if they know what brand of soymilk you buy on a regular basis.