My list of things I’ll never pay for again is slowly growing as I learn more about coupons and focus on running a frugal household. I thought it might be entertaining for you to see my list. Of course we will all have different lists based on the stores we shop at (and their coupon policies) and the needs of our household. I began focusing on using coupons almost one year ago and have learned that many coupons will be reissued again and again – so I really can get all of these things for free all year long. But of course it is all about having the right coupons and timing the sales right. I’ve included some key resources to help you find freebies at the stores you shop at.

BBQ Sauce & Mustard – Use Coupons When on Sale for $1
We don’t go threw these items very quickly in our house, but I’ve been able to stock-up on them for FREE when they are on sale at Kroger for $1 and I can use coupons that will double or triple to give me $1 off. French’s Mustard has those magic 50 cent coupons here and here that are great to take to a store that doubles them (you can only print these once, so if you’ve printed them before the coupon will not show up as an option to print). Here’s a Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce $1 coupon, but you’ve got to time it with a sale. The Grocery Gathering is a great way to match-up sales with coupons and is updated twice a week by lots of frugal bloggers who specialize in different stores.

Body & Hand Soap – Use Coupons, Do the CVS & Walgreens Deals
We are now getting most of the soap we need in our house for free. I buy SoftSoap Hand Pumps when they are on sale for $1 at Kroger and I have a manufacturer’s coupon to save 35 cents (my Kroger triples this coupon). This coinciding sale and coupon happens on a regular basis – so hand soap is always free with this deal. The boys love the Johnson’s Buddies Soap, which is normally priced at 99 cents at most stores and there is always a $1 coupon (from Sunday ad inserts, parenting magazines, or printables here and here) that I can use to stock-up when it is FREE. I’m enjoying free body wash that I buy at CVS or Walgreens that is free after sales, coupons, rebates, extra-bucks – the deals can get complicated to do but I’ve done enough to know there will be another body wash deal just around the corner (Hooray for Free-bates and Money Saving Mom are telling me about these deals). For my hubby, I try to catch the CVS or Walgreens deals on Irish Spring bar soap – or at least use coupons that my Kroger will triple. So, for the most part our household’s soaps needs are met without spending much of the green stuff (or getting it back as a rebate). We’re also getting all our fluoride toothpaste and adult toothbrushes for free as well.

Perfume – Use Free Samples
I don’t wear perfume every day, only once in awhile – so the free samples I get of perfume suit my needs just fine. I’ve blogged about them before – but here are the direct links for my new readers to those samples still available (Coty Collection, Lacoste Touch of Pink, Vera Wang Princess, Covet Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle Yves Saint Laurent, Nina, Hugo Urban)

Razors for Him & Her – Use Free Samples, Do CVS & Walgreens Deals
There are actually a surprising number of free razor samples, so between the ones we get in the mail and the ones I get at CVS and Walgreens for free – I never need to buy razors for myself or my husband. You just can’t be very picky about what type you use – and you pick up the free razors instead of buying the refills.

Travel Size Toiletries – Use Free Samples
I get a lot of free samples for toothpaste (like this Aquafresh), lotion (like this Dove), shampoo & conditioner (like this Sunsilk), and body wash (like this Caress). These are often in cute little bottles and are the perfect size for travelling. Not that I travel much – it’s a rare thing for me right now – but if I did travel, I would never have to buy these things because I get them in the mail for free all the time.

Magazine Subscriptions – Only Subscribe if it’s FREE
I used to pay for magazine subscriptions. Then I realized that I get enough free subscriptions to magazines that interest me, that there is no reason why I should ever pay for a subscription again! I love magazines because they are a quick read, often have coupons in them, are great for getting new ideas, and are essential to take to any place where you are stuck in the waiting room. So, don’t miss Marie Claire!

Greeting Cards – Send Electronic, Get Free Cards, or Make It
I am a big fan of the free version of Smilebox and of the free Hallmark ecards. I send most of my greeting cards electronically now. I do still mail some greeting cards, but I take advantage of free offers for photo cards (like the recent Shutterfly offer) or Hallmark samples from Walmart or I make my own cards.

Ok – I admit that my list ended up being longer than I thought it would be! Now, time for you to share, leave a comment and tell me what you will never pay for again in your household!