Companies love to distribute free full-size samples by distributing free product coupons because it’s just cheaper to mail a coupon. It also makes you as a consumer aware of where this product can be found at your local store. Unfortunately, free product coupons are also more likely to be fraudulently reproduced. There are some cool new security features that I’ve seen on coupons I’ve received in the mail lately. Nestle has an embossed foil seal on their coupon. Lipton has a holographic image on their coupon. Of course an even cheaper way for companies to distribute these coupons is to issue a printable coupon. The distribution of these coupons is controlled by limiting printing access to them by requiring consumers to register their name, email address, mailing address, birthdate, or a combination to identify them as a unique consumer. You can also usually only print one of these coupons from your computer because your computer’s ISP address is recorded when you print it. Some coupons also feature a unique identification code so that any fraudulent copying can quickly be identified. All of these security procedures are in-place to help protect YOU as the consumer and enable companies to continue to offer great promotions including free product coupons. This is just one tip of many because February is a month full of Freebie Tips on