I have some excellent frugal reading for you this morning:

Replacing “Disposables” with “Permanents”
found at Handprints on the Wall
A great reminder that we can save some money by changing our usage habits on a lot of disposable convenience products.

Keeping the Mind Sharp
found at Frugal Hacks, posted by MomAdvice
I love Amy’s list of frugal ways to keep your mind sharp. I can relate to the feeling of “muddiness” that most moms experience after having children. This is an important reminder that you, Mom, have to take care of yourself so that you can care for your children. This means taking care of your mental health as well as physical health – something we tend to overlook.

Tips for a Tight Traveling Budget
found at Northern Cheapskate
Do your summer plans involve some travel? Check this list for some new ideas on how to cut the cost of your summer travel.

9 Nearly Free Ways to Entertain at Home
found at Sound Money Matters
Speaking of summer, you are probably going to have a few friends over? Well, here are some great ideas to keep your get-together a fun and frugal one.