When the freebies are slow, I have time to read. Enjoy some more frugal reading:

How to Save Hundreds by Playing the Drugstore Game
found on Get Rich Slowly, this is a guest post by Chief Family Officer
If you are new to “the Drugstore Game” then this is a must-read article. I now shop at CVS almost every week and do not spend more than a dollar or two out-of-pocket for items my family needs, while always “rolling” my CVS ExtraBucks so that I continue to be able to buy things for free at CVS.

A Preschooler’s Allowance
found on Simple Mom
I love the idea of starting an allowance early with your kids, and offering them chores to complete to earn their allowance. A great way to teach money skills early, I’ll be starting this with my preschooler soon. Simple Mom also has this giveaway for a custom-made necklace, it closes on May 25.

Why A Recession is Good For Us
found on Northern Cheapskate
Leave it to Christina to look at the bright side of things! A refreshing bit of recession “good news” from the frugal North.

Breathing in Some Inspiration
found on Frugal Hacks, written by Amy at MomAdvice
Does your space feel tired and need a fresh look? Amy inspires us to try changing small things for a big effect. Many of her ideas don’t require spending any money!