Update @ 2:30 pm: Thank you for all your comments about your experience shopping at Ace Hardware! It appears that the coupon acceptance policy varies by store or by region. Some stores accept manufacturer’s coupons, my store does not. And, it sounds like using coupons should not affect the rebate you request. We’ll see – I’ll give you an update on my rebate in Coupons 4 Mom.

Update @ 8:50 am: I learned something important this morning. My Ace Hardware does not accept manufacturer’s coupons, except for a few specific brands (like Scott’s fertilizer). So the Glade candles are a no-deal. But all the “free after rebate” items are a great deal! The microfiber towels look really nice – great for washing the car or cleaning anything. If you have a “Save $5 off $25” coupon, just add something you need to bring your total above $25.

I’ll be going to Ace Hardware first thing this morning after they open at 8. Here’s the Frugal Father’s Day gift I hope to be picking up for free (plus some other free stuff). Money Saving Methods has some great recommendations on how to get a $5 coupon and how to get free shipping if you order some of these items online (not all items available online). Just remember that this is a “free after rebate” deal. So you will have to pay the sale price for these items and hopefully you can use some coupons. Then you can submit your e-Rebate as a member of Ace Rewards.

And as I predicted, they now have a special rebate form available on their site: Ace Memorial Day Sale Rebate Form for May 23-26. A great form to print before you head to Ace to make sure you are “buying” the right stuff (and that you’ll get your money back!). It looks like you have to mail-in your UPC symbol for the Microfiber towels and Grant Ant Spikes, but you can do the Terro Ant Killer, Blue Coral Carwash, and No Touch Tire Cleaner as eRebates.

I do need to remind you that I have not used a coupon on a rebate purchase before, so I am about to learn how this will affect my rebate from Ace. My hope is that it will not affect the amount of rebate money I get, but it is possible they will deduct the coupon from my rebate total. It is still worthwhile for me to do this deal, I’ll still be getting a lot of useful stuff for very cheap.