Frugal Gift Giving Ideas

I love giving gifts, but thinking is required to make it a meaningful and frugal one. I enjoyed reading this list of ideas to inspire you to give frugally, and hopefully give a gift that has a high value to the recipiend (no matter what price you paid for it).
I love Crystal’s positive thoughts on the recent gas price hikes and her simple strategies to deal with the affect on her family’s budget.
found at MomAdvice
Leave it to Amy to find out how to make her own iced coffees for a healthier version of her favorite treat. A great frugal inspiration to all of us to try and replicate and improve our favorite fast food treats.

Photo CD Coasters
found at Christy’s Thrifty Decorating
I love this crafty gift and Christy makes it easy to follow along with plenty of photos paired with her step-by-step instructions. Even if you don’t want to make a coaster, check out her new look and see what other frugal crafts and decorating she’s been up to.