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Get Frugal when you Get Crafty

by Freebies4Mom on March 10, 2008 10:49 am

Crafts are a wonderful creative outlet, but they can become expensive hobbies. Amy at has some wonderful advice for choosing a hobby wisely. Her advice has inspired me to be more frugal with my crafting by focusing on one craft and using the supplies I already have. Be realistic about the crafting time that you have, and focus on one project at a time, and one craft to keep supplies for. It’s all about respecting your time, and respecting your space. This is easier said than done, but I am in the process of cleaning out my guest/craft room and I am focusing on one craft. I’m calling it paper crafting because my scrapbooking and stamping go hand in hand together and use the same supplies. It’s not a hobby I have much time for, but the time I spend on it I truly enjoy.

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Heather March 11, 2008 at 9:34 pm

Great tip, Angie! I just wish I had more time to browse the thrift stores – it’s a struggle to go to any store now that my youngest is walking.


Heather March 10, 2008 at 7:09 pm

Thanks for sharing your frugal quilting hobby, Michele!


Just Me March 10, 2008 at 6:07 pm

I’ve found quilting to be a frugal craft. Like any other it CAN be expensive, but I like scrap quilting and use old clothes, upcycled thrift store fabrics/clothing, etc that I can get for free or nearly free. I enjoy it all the more because I know I’m creating a keepsake that didn’t cost me a fortune or fill up my house with all kinds of gadgetry that I really can do without.Happy creating!Michele


Heather March 10, 2008 at 4:03 pm

Thanks for the shopping tips, Niki! I like to pick-up craft supplies at garage sales and in the clearance sections of my local craft stores.


Nicole March 10, 2008 at 4:01 pm

Craft hobbies are great! Dollar Trees and many other dollar stores have recently added in an aisle with scrapbooking and stamping supplies. Big Lots is another great discount store that sells paper crafting goods on the cheap.Also, for those higher-ticket items you desire there’s always Michaels and A.C. Moore and their fabulous 50% off coupons!


Heather March 10, 2008 at 1:42 pm

You’re welcome, Amy. Thanks as always for the great material you offer on!


Amy March 10, 2008 at 1:37 pm

Thanks for the link! You are so right that our hobbies can get expensive and take over our space. I finally organized my craft supplies and now I, at least, know what I have already invested in. :)Great entry!


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