Sorry, no longer available. I know, you’ve tried almost all of Dove’s products because they have so generously offered to mail them to you, but they just came out with some new ones so you have to try them too! Request your free sample of the Dove go fresh Ultimate Clear Deodorant and the Dove go fresh Therapy Energize Shampoo and Conditioner.

You get to choose your “flavor” of deodorant – cool essentials (cucumber & green tea), refreshing (waterlily & fresh mint), or energizing (grapefruit & lemongrass). Talk about some innovative deodorant scents – sounds like aromatherapy for your underarms! Don’t forget to check the box for your shampoo & conditioner sample! Yes, Dove just wants to help keep you looking (and smelling) beautiful! Do you need to catch up on getting all the freebies from Dove?
Update 7/19/08: I got my free sample of Dove energizing deodorant. It also came with 4 cute coupons (like mini credit cards).