Have you ever desperately searched your desk looking for an envelope when you needed to mail something out now?! Here is an environmentally friendly tip for you that I developed out of desperation!

Remembering to buy envelopes when I am shopping with my infant and 4 year old son usually doesn’t happen. But being in the Coupon Exchange, I need envelopes to mail out coupons about every 2 weeks.
 I have discovered it is very easy to reuse envelopes I receive in junk mail instead of just recycling them.

As you can see in the photo, I took an envelope I received in one of the tons of credit card application it seems I receive every week, crossed out any preprinted information and stuck a mailing label over the original address. If you don’t have any blank mailing/return address labels, you could just cross out the address with a dark marker and write the new address right next to it.

I’ve tried it both ways with many different types of envelopes and it has worked every time! Hope this helps someone find an envelope in a pinch!