Update 3/4/08 – the website is down, hopefully it is a temporary problem. Get a free sample of ECOVER Washing-Up Liquid (look at the bottom right-hand corner of the webpage). This new environmentally friendly laundry product is for washing clothes. The ECOVER cleaning products are sold at Whole Foods and other natural foods stores. You can request to receive coupons in the mail directly from ECOVER. Update 2/25/08: I received my coupons in the mail today: Save $1 on Ecover Laundry Soap, and two coupons to Save 75 cents on any Ecover product. There is also a brochure that covers their complete product line – I want to try the Dishwashing Liquid with Chamomile & Marigold. The coupons and free sample are separate requests, so I still expect to receive my free sample!