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Fill out this mobile-friendly form to enter this giveaway. I’ll ask you to select a PC that you’d like to try from the selection available at Walmart. I’d love for you to share your PC Horror Story as part of your entry. Feel free to also copy & paste your story into the comments on of this post. You can only enter once per person. If you have any problems entering, please email Heather.

$250 Intel Computer Giveaway

What’s your PC Horror Story?

We all have a PC Horror Story to share, which is why I’m asking you to share yours! It could be a story about shopping for a computer, a computer catastrophe, a backup gone wrong, or crazy error messages.

My story involves my laptop. Now this laptop was kind of important to me as a bloggers because it was my ONLY computer at the time – it wasn’t a backup or a second computer, it was my ONLY computer. I made the mistake of enjoying a drink while I was blogging – one of those drinks with a large  cap that screws on (I know you can already see where this story is going). I spilled my drink on my laptop keyboard (tragedy!). I immediately flipped the laptop over to minimize the penetration of the liquid. I then was under the illusion that I could get my laptop repaired. Unfortunately it was not repairable, but I tried (and I spent money on it). I finally gave up and “buried” it and invested in a desktop PC to blog from.

I learned three lessons from my PC Horror Story:

1. Don’t drink & blog while on a laptop.

2. If you do drink while on a laptop, use a spillproof container

3. If you spill your drink on a laptop, don’t spend money trying to repair it

What did you learn from your PC Horror Story? Tell me when you enter my giveaway!

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