$250 Intel WinnerWho won my $250 Intel PC Giveaway? Thank you to the 1,741 readers who entered my giveaway!  Walmart has a PC for you, with starting prices at $308 and several brands that use an Intel processor. The lucky winner is announced below. The winner of my giveaway must respond to my email within 4 days in order to confirm their prize. If you think you might have won,  please contact me.

$250 Walmart gift card Winner:  Ashley M.

The winner was randomly drawn, but I thought you might enjoy hearing Ashley’s PC Horror Story:

Last weekend we were relying on our computer for directions and to purchase event tickets while on a weekend getaway to L.A. As soon as we lugged everything to the hotel, we pulled out the PC to get a start on our weekend only to find that it was broken beyond our ability to fix. We spent much of the weekend trying to figure out directions and hoping tickets would be available last minute, even though the drive was over an hour away.   -Ashley

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