Knot Heads are “hair accessories with a twist”. I received a free sample to try out and blog my opinion about, and now I get to find one lucky reader to send them to as well! This is a new type of hair accessory, and the best way to see it in action is to watch this 2 minute video. Even if you don’t enter this giveaway, look below because I’ve got a coupon code exclusively for my Freebies 4 Mom readers!

I’m excited about Knot Heads because I found that they offered me a better solution than my typical scrunchie or headband. Now, I don’t get too fancy with my ‘dos – cause I’m a mom and have less than 1 minute to fuss with my hair each morning. I know there are also all kinds of really cool things you can do with Knot Heads – and that’s the cool thing about them, they are flexible in their use. Just how flexible? Yesterday I left the house with a headband and came home with a ponytail – all with one Knot Head. You can’t do that with a scrunchie!
I found that they offered greater control for my hairstyles because I could tighten or loosen them with greater precision. I found that when I use them to function as a headband, that I don’t have the typical problem I have with headbands pinching me because they are designed for a smaller head than mine – that’s because the Knot Heads are flexible and you custom-size them for your head and hair. I was also pleasantly surprised that because of the lack of bulk they add to your hairstyle – I was able to wear sunglasses while I wore one as a headband. Usually it’s a “headband or sunglasses” decision that I have to make – but I really want both.
Ok, so you get the idea I’m excited about wearing these and sharing them with you. They haven’t hit retail stores yet (but surely they won’t be able to stay out of the stores for long), but you can buy them online at And I’ve got a special coupon code exclusively for my Freebies 4 Mom readers. Use the coupon code freebies and get 15% off your online order (you can use it through May 22, and the coupon code will only work when you use Google Checkout).
Enough about my hair, let’s talk about your hair! I’m giving away a sample pack that includes four long style and six short style Knot Heads. In order to enter my giveaway, you need to post a comment before Friday, May 16 at 9pm and answer this question: “What can Knot Heads do for your hair?” Update 5/16/08 @ 9pm: This giveaway is now closed.
If you have questions about how to leave a comment, you might want to read more here. If you have any problems leaving a comment, feel free to email me and I’ll mark your spot in this giveaway. Please only leave one comment per person. This giveaway is open to United States residents only. The winner will be selected by a random number generator on Friday evening (May 16) after the giveaway closes at 9pm CST. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me via email, or I will draw a new winner. I will announce the winner in a new post so if you keep your email address private, watch for your name. Good luck!