Free Sample Starbucks K-CupsI’m sorry you missed this freebie, but please check more Free Samples currently available. Just in case you missed it in October – this free sample has been restocked! Request a free sample of Starbucks Flavored K-Cups directly from Starbucks in Caramel and Vanilla flavors.

TIPS: You need to stop your browser from loading the page or it will redirect to the Starbucks home page. Try hitting the “ESCAPE” button when the page first starts loading (don’t hold it down, just hit it once). (thanks Teresa) You can also try clicking on any field in the form immediately before the page redirects to (thanks Maria). Hit the “X” in the web address field at the top of your browser to stop the page from redirecting. (thanks Chassity) You might also try disabling JavaScript (worked for me).

MOBILE TIP: Hit the “X” in the browser bar to stop the page from redirecting then you can fill out the form (thanks Jess)

Thanks goes to VT Freebie Girl and Freebie Finding Mom and Coupon Pro for helping me get this freebie. You should receive your freebie within 4 to 6 weeks and hopefully it will include a coupon too!

You can find more free samples on The best way to find out about new freebies is to sign-up for the daily Freebies 4 Mom email.

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