It’s fun to get free laundry product samples to help us with the laundry, and a few new laundry product coupons inspired me to do this roundup! I recently got my Snuggle fabric softener sample (no longer available) and I’m using it as we speak. I put about 1 tablespoon in the fabric softener dispenser, and then fill it up with water to dilute it. Since I usually don’t use fabric softener I honestly wouldn’t like the smell of my clothes if I didn’t dilute it.

I enjoyed reading the comments on my last laundry-related post when I shared that I’m using the dryer balls instead of fabric softener sheets or liquid. I learned that you can also use tennis balls as a substitute for buying the dryer balls. And that vinegar can be added instead of fabric softener in your washing machine. If you have any other frugal laundry tips, please leave them here! It’s fun to try new things and cross some products off our grocery lists to never buy again as we find better substitutes.

Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets

$1 Tide Total Care (thanks Shannon!)
$1 Tide To Go
$1 Ecover Laundry products
$0.75 Shout Advanced Gel or Foam
Downy TotalCare Coupon (offered by Walmart) No longer available
Ultra Gain scent sample but hopefully includes coupon (offered by Walmart)

Update 9/20/08: I got my Downy coupon from Walmart for $1 off any Downy