Maybe your hubby will want to try this product if he knows you got it for free (or better)! Print your rebate form, keep it in your coupon file, and watch for a sale, coupon, or clearance price to make this a better deal. You have until the end of the year on this rebate.

This rebate form is special, because although they require your original receipt – they will send you $8.00 even if you paid less for it! I took advantage of the Just for Men rebate last year and I received my $8 rebate on a clearance-price purchased for about half that. Does this sound like a challenge to you to find it for less? Especially for those of you that shop at CVS and Walgreens on a regular basis! I always keep my rebate forms with my coupons because sometimes I will find a good deal when I’m at the store and then can check the details on the rebate form quickly because it’s already in my coupon file.

You can also print coupons by registering on the Just for Men website, but doesn’t look like there is a printable coupon for this specific product.