You might think that I have a problem with getting too many free magazines? And maybe those free magazines are cluttering up my house? Well, this week’s Minimizing Monday: Mountains of Magazines is here to help me. But since magazines were an item I recognized a long time ago has having a huge clutter potential and a low likelihood of me actually rereading past issues, I don’t have a clutter problem with magazines. I only keep current issues in my house to browse. I do find time to quickly browse my magazines, but when I’m done I don’t let them hang around in my house. This week’s challenge has inspired me to donate my magazines because the container I have dedicated to old magazines and books to donate is full. I donate my magazines to a charity that specifically collects them to distribute to local hospitals, nursing homes and other places in Houston that can use them. There are lots of other ways to give magazines a second life and I assure you that you’ll find some new ones on Minimizing Monday today.

How did you do on last week’s challenge to clean out your medicine cabinet? I didn’t think I would have many expired items in my medicine cabinet, but I was mistaken once I started actually looking at the expiration dates. I was surprised by how many things I had stashed away, and how many infant products I still had for my youngest son who is now a toddler. I discovered that participating in the Minimizing Monday Challenge I was motivated to do a household cleanup task that I dreaded and would never have done on my own. Thank you Kendra at Handprints on the Wall! If you’ve been participating in the Minimizing Monday Challenge, please leave a comment and let us know how it has helped you.