Sorry, this offer is no longer available. Get a free sample of Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets from P&G.; Since we are on the topic of dryer sheets, I have recently stopped using them and Tammy asked me what I’m using instead as a cheaper alternative? Here’s my answer:

I use the dryer balls – I bought mine at CVS for $3 (blue plastic with little spikes). They are the CVS generic brand (not the “As Seen on TV” brand which are more expensive). I think they work just as well in reducing static and are supposed to lessen drying time. Obviously they don’t provide any scent but I just want my clothes to smell clean so I don’t use liquid fabric softener either (unless I get a free sample). Hard to tell exactly how well the dryer balls work, but worth a try for $3! They do make noise – like if you put tennis balls in the dryer – that’s the only downside (oh, and my boys like to steal them to play with!).