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Pamper yourself with The Bathery beauty tools at Target. Want healthier skin from head to toe but don’t have the time (or room in your budget) for professional spa treatments? There are several DIY spa treatments you can enjoy at home with the right beauty tools paired with the best beauty products. I went shopping at Target to pair beauty products with The Bathery beauty tools. I enjoyed adding these three DIY spa treatments to my beauty routine for healthier looking skin and some much needed pampering “me time”.

Affordable DIY Spa Treatments you can do at home

Before you go shopping, take an inventory of the skincare products you have at home. You might find that you have some great products, but you don’t have the right beauty tools to apply those products. The Bathery beauty tools, sold exclusively at Target, are clearly labeled to help you identify which part of your beauty routine you’d incorporate them into. Your skincare beauty routine can be broken down into these four steps:

  • Step 1 – Cleanse
  • Step 2 – Prep
  • Step 3 – Boost
  • Step 4 – Treat

You’ll also find skincare product suggestions on the labels using keywords that are commonly used on products across many brands.

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Save Money on The Bathery at Target

When you shop at Target, go to the BEAUTY section and look for the “Bath and Body” area. The Bathery tools feature brightly colored choices with easy-to-read labels. Near the large selection of beauty tools you’ll also find skincare products to pair with them. Now many of these skincare products work well when used alone, but they work even better when paired with the right beauty tool. It’s an easy way to improve your beauty routine so you’re getting better results!

DIY Exfoliate at-home spa treatment

DIY Exfoliate

Part of your skincare routine should be exfoliating dead skin cells, especially on areas where dead skin cells build-up like on your elbows and fee. I paired The Bathery Exfoliating Bath & Shower Gloves with Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Hand & Body Scrub to get the best exfoliation results for my feet.  I  like to sit on the side of my bathtub to rinse my feet with warm water and then  exfoliate them by massaging the scrub into my skin with both gloves on my hands. Not only is it relaxing to exfoliate your feet (which is probably the most neglected area of your skin on your entire body) but they feel amazing afterwards. So soft and smooth thanks to the exfoliating power of the gloves with the scrub!

DIY Massage at-home spa treatmentDIY Massage

I honestly had no idea what a deep tissue massager was until I got to use one! I paired The Bathery Deep Tissue Massager with Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Body Lotion for my legs. The skin on my legs is always in need of more moisture and I often have sore muscles from working out, so massaging in my body lotion sounded like the perfect enhancement to my beauty routine. The key to using the deep tissue massager is to use circular motions and adjust the pressure on your skin to get the “touch” that you like. You can apply light pressure at first and then try a deeper pressure when you get to major muscles that might be sore. This beauty tool has massaging nubs to give you a deep tissue massage. It’s an amazing way to apply a firming body lotion because it helps the product penetrate deeper into your skin (which helps you enjoy the benefits longer). Always remember when you are massaging your skin that staying hydrated is important. Drink lots of water any time you are massaging your skin.

DIY Massage with The Bathery beauty tools

DIY Facial with The Bathery Facial Complexion BrushDIY Facial

Nothing feels better than a fresh face, and a DIY facial is the at-home spa treatment I enjoy the most! I paired The Bathery Facial Complexion Brush with Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser and Que Bella Clarifying Mask. I like to cleanse my face both before and after applying a facial mask to make sure that any remnants of the mask are washed away. Using the gentle Facial Complexion Brush made my face feel even cleaner than when I just use my fingers for applying my cleanser. The brush is made of long, whisper-soft bristles so that even with my sensitive skin it wasn’t too rough (and I didn’t experience redness after using). The texture of the brush reminded me of feathers. The brush was especially helpful in cleaning around my nose which can be a tricky area to cleanse thoroughly.DIY Facial at-home spa treatment

Need some more pampering DIY spa ideas? Go visit The It Mom for more beauty tips using The Bathery tools.

The Bathery beauty tools at Target

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