You missed this coupon but I’ve got more Coupons for you to save with. Are you thinking about potty training or are you in the middle of it? Huggies Pull-Ups® are a great helper and here’s a $3.00 off Huggies Pull-Ups® coupon to help you save money on your next purchase. When you sign-in or register at the Pull-Ups® website, you’ll be able to print two coupons to Save $2.00 on Pull-Ups® Training Pants (jumbo pack or larger) – OR – you can share the coupon via Twitter or email to Save $3.00 on Pull-Ups® Training Pants. Look for the Learning Designs® and have your child help select a design they love.

$3.00 Huggies Pull-Ups Coupon

It’s easy to register on the Pull-Ups® site to access this coupon. Just enter your name, create a password, and tell Pull-Ups® where you are in your potty training adventure. If you get an “email already used” message then you might need to reset your password. After you’ve successfully signed-in you can revisit this $3.00 coupon link if you don’t see the coupon displayed. To increase the value from $2.00 to $3.00 you can share the coupon on Twitter or you can email the coupon to three of your friends. I shared this coupon on Twitter and my $3.00 coupon was unlocked immediately. You can print two unique coupons and you’ll have until December 25 to use your coupons before they expire.

$3.00 Huggies Pull-Ups® Coupon

I know what it’s like to have two children in diapers. The experience made me highly motivated to only have one child in diapers! We used Huggies Pull-Ups® as one of our tools to assist in the potty training process. They are a great way to start teaching your child independence during potty training because they can pull those Pull-Ups® up and they can pull them down all by themselves. We also invested in several children’s potty training board books to help us discuss the process and the goals with our son.

Celebrating small steps towards the goal during potty training is really important. You can now celebrate online by using to track progress and enter the “Party Room”. Take the celebration on-the-road and get the new Big Kid® App on your mobile. Of course once our first son was potty-trained, then our second son was even more motivated to join big brother so the potty training process went a little quicker and a little smoother the second time around.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pull-Ups® Training Pants. Save up to $3 on your next purchase of Pull-Ups® by registering at the Pull-Ups® website:  My opinions are my own and they are not edited by Pull-Ups®Please visit my Disclosure Policy.
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