You’ve missed this freebie, but you’ll find all of the Freebies here.

Sorry, the 50 points is no longer available, but earn more RecycleBank codes here. Login to RecycleBank to click on “Get 50 points now” at the bottom of the page. Then go look at the “Hot Deals” for a $2.00 off one Kashi Product for only 10 points and other discounted coupons to print or get by mail.

If you are new to RecycleBank, get free RecycleBank codes from my previous posts.

RecycleBank is an easy way for everyone to get some high-value coupons. If you live in an area that is participating in RecycleBank, then you get points for what you recycle. But everyone can still sign-up for RecycleBank and earn points other ways too! You can now refer-a-friend for 10 points (this is my referral link above).

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