Last Day of Hot Deals at RecycleBank

Sorry, this one-day sale has ended.

Login to RecycleBank and pick the reward you want for 1 point (there are 5 choices, you can pick more than one but I believe you are limited to 1 reward of each type). I like the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coca Cola 2 Liter” coupon by mail for 1 point (normally 60 points).  If you are new to RecycleBank you can easily get 50 free points by joining the “eBay Green Team”.  You can also get 25 free points by taking the P&G Future Friendly Quiz.

RecycleBank is an easy way for everyone to get some high-value coupons. If you live in an area that is participating in RecycleBank, then you get points for what you recycle. But everyone can still sign-up for RecycleBank and earn points other ways too!

Earn high-value coupons with RecycleBank codes at Freebies 4 Mom