One of my readers asked me for help finding online job opportunities. Well, I know a little bit about being self-employed as a blogger with one year of experience under my belt, so I can talk about that online opportunity – but what about other opportunities? I started looking at what my fellow frugal bloggers were writing about, and I’ll send you to them for more resources. I hope this gives you a place to start in your search for online or work at home job opportunities.

I’ve shared what I’ve learned about making money blogging in my Money 4 Mom series. First I want to tell you that very few bloggers call it their job because it’s extremely hard to monetize a blog. I really believe that bloggers should write about what they are passionate about, and if monetizing their blog fits into their topics then they should explore the possibilities. I did not create Freebies 4 Mom with the intention of making any money, but with the purpose of sharing my finds and helping others. I am lucky to call Freebies 4 Mom my job now, but the success I’ve had with it is the product of hard work and a lot of networking. Please visit BlogCoach for additional resources in how to monetize your blog.

Other Online Job Opportunities
MomAdvice has a great list of articles related to Work. I especially encourage you to read her “Spotting Work at Home Scams“. And if you are just getting started on thinking about working from home read “How Do I Work From Home?” for lots of ideas.

Money Saving Mom posts a lot of Income-Earning Ideas, many of which are online job opportunities, so I encourage you to use her as a resource!

Metropolitan Mama
left a great comment with these resources, I wanted to add the links so they are easy for my readers to get to and explore.
Work It Mom!
Mom Corps
Needlestack Jobs
Jobs & Moms Career Consulting

Deal Seeking Mom speaks from experience in her How to Survive a Job Loss or Layoff post. She’s got great advice based on what her family is doing right now to survive her husband’s recent layoff. And she shares a great opportunity with you about Working from Home in General Transcription. Please take a moment to thank her for sharing this valuable information with us!

Carly has some recommended reading for you: 10 Companies Hiring for Work From Home and she shares how she is doing online tutoring for extra income. She’s a fan of the forums at because you can get some great information by reading about other people’s experiences.

There are lots of job opportunities available online, but you have to know your strengths to find the right one for you. You’ve got to also have some entrepreneurial spirit in you and be ready to try something new.

Best wishes to all of my readers in their job pursuits. Please leave a comment if you are currently working from home or working online to tell us what you do and how you got started. Bloggers, if you’ve written anything about this topic please leave a comment with a link so I can add great new resources to this post!