Pop-Tarts have made it back on my list of treats to buy thanks to their new Whole Grain variety. My family got to sample Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries with One Serving of Whole Grain for free thanks to Mom Central and Kellogg’s. We loved the Strawberry flavor, but decided the Cinnamon Brown Sugar flavor was not for us. So, how do the new Pop-Tarts Whole Grain compare to the traditional Pop-Tarts we are familiar with? They are still very sweet but have a little less sugar. They don’t have exactly the same flaky crust, but those whole grains make this treat more nutritious by adding more fiber to it. My family will be adding this product to our list of treats to have occasionally after breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’ll be keeping an eye out for them to go on sale when I have coupons to use for them to make this treat truly affordable.

Speaking of coupons, I have some coupons to give away. Update: I’ve given all the coupons away! I am mailing several of my lucky readers coupons to Save 50 cents on one package of Pop-Tarts Whole Grain or Pop-Tarts Splitz (expires 4/6/08). This is a great coupon to take to a grocery store that doubles those 50 cent coupons. If you like the regular Pop-Tarts, there is a printable Target coupon to Save 50 cents, you’ll find it under the “Pantry” tab.