No longer available – maybe they’ll restock? Choose from a caramel or cheddar free sample of Orville Redenbacher’s Mini Smart Cakes from Walmart. You won’t find this free sample on the “Free Samples” page of their website, but that’s why you have me around to find the free samples they list elsewhere on their website. I actually have tried these (using a $1 coupon) and absolutely love them! They are not like the rice cakes you may have tried in the past and not liked. They are thin popcorn cakes with a lot of flavor and crunch in 100 calorie portions. If you have the August 29 issue of All You, look on page 53 for a $1 off coupon. They are normally priced at $2.32 for a box of 6 pouches (@ my Walmart, prices may vary store to store).
Update 9/5/08: Got my free Smart Cakes in the mail, and coupon to Save $1 off 2.