Sound & VisionSorry, no longer available but see more free Magazines and deals Request your 8 free issues of Sound & Vision Magazine ($12.00 value) from ValueMags in this brand new free sample offer. It’s a magazine focused on home entertainment systems. It is optional to check the “Yes!” boxes at the bottom (I left them unchecked). I recommend saying ‘No’ to the Exclusive Offers.

I have successfully received several free subscriptions from ValueMags in the past. You can expect to see your first free issue arrive in 6 to 10 weeks. This is a free sample offer so you won’t receive a bill or ever need to cancel it (you’ll only renewal notices which are optional and can be ignored). Find out why I do not recommend free trial offers for magazines. If you’re already subscribed you should be able to get your current subscription extended – just enter the exact same mailing address.

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