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Play Personalogy Family Edition ~ Best Game for Fun Conversation!

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Does your family play games together? When was the last time you played a game that helped you bond and get to know each other better? I want to introduce you to Personalogy Family Fun Edition, a personal trivia game that’s all about conversation with each other. My family has a “game night” at least once a week, it’s our favorite time and we honestly would play a game together every night if our schedule was less busy. We play a lot of strategy games, but sometimes we get bored with them because they just don’t spark much conversation during the game. We enjoy playing trivia games, but it’s really hard to find a trivia game that’s fun for both adults and kids, and that has trivia questions that our kids can actually answer. The beauty of Personalogy Family Fun Edition is that the trivia questions are personal ~ so it’s more like family trivia which makes it at the right level for all of the kids in your family!

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Personalogy Family Fun Edition comes with simple rules that are easy to follow! The objective of the game is to predict your opponent’s answer (from a selection of five answers) and be able to explain why they would answer that way. There are three ways to play – no points, with points or team talk. My family is playing the no points version as we get more familiar with the game, but I imagine we’ll start playing with points soon because my kids love to compete, especially against their parents! You’ll never have to worry about getting bored with the question cards in this game because there are 101 of them and even 22 special question cards that are just for asking parents (or adults) but of course those questions are still appropriate for kids to ask and predict answers to.

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Look for Personalogy on Amazon. The Family Fun Edition is great for families with kids who can read. The Original Party Edition is great for adults, either to play at a party or just play for fun at home. Both games are also great for travelling! We love to bring games with us on our vacations, but the games that we take have to be portable like this one! Personalogy comes in a small box smaller than the size of my hand. Learn more about Personalogy games by becoming a fan of Personalogy Family Fun on Facebook and following @PersonalogyGame on Twitter.

Here’s a sample of 5 of the 121 cards in the Personalogy Family Fun Edition. I hope your family enjoys this game as much as my family does!

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Why would your family love to play Personalogy Family Fun Edition?

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