“I love my Squiz Cards! I put my phone number and email on them to pass out to people I meet at my new college!” -Maggie

This giveaway has closed – I’ve received over 1,000 entries.  Watch for the time of the next 1,000 Squiz Cards Giveaway to be announced in a few weeks! I’m giving away over 3,600 sets of Squiz Cards to Freebies 4 Mom readers.

SquizCards.com provided Freebies 4 Mom with a set of 50 personalized Squiz Cards with a keychain dispenser ($24.40 value) to give away to the first 1,000 lucky readers to complete the form below.

If you can’t view the form, please email me with your name, answer the question “Who will you hand your Squiz cards to?” and use the code word in the subject line. I’ll enter your name based on the time stamp of your email into the spreadsheet, and I won’t accept email entries before the giveaway starts. This form will disappear after I’ve received at least 1,000 entries. Just because you can fill out the form doesn’t guarantee that you were one of the first 1,000 entries.

Sorry, this giveaway has closed.

Winners will receive their unique coupon code for their prize directly from Squiz Cards (sales@squizcards.com) and they will have 14 days to redeem their unique code. You can only win once per person, so please don’t enter if you’ve already won. For more details on this giveaway, including my disclosure, please visit Giveaway: Squiz Cards.

Who will you hand your Squiz Cards to? Please leave a comment just for fun!

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