Subway Get Smart Eat Fresh
(83,000+ winners, find out how to get codes here and read my updates)
(9,000 winners, if you win you pick the song you want, more here)
(1,000+ winners, but every play scores you a coupon, here is my list)
Teas’ Tea Go Green (3,000+ winners)
Pamper Your Pet (15,000+ winners)
Quaker’s Book of Life (5,000+ winners)
Nivea Bikini Challenge (2,000+ winners, 4-wk entry)
What a beautiful Saturday morning for winning!!! I finally “got smart” on the Subway sweeps and opened it up in Mozilla Firefox to successfully view the “Official Rules” so I could get my codes by email. I just won a movie ticket on the Subway instant win sweeps! I was paying attention this time and just kept on playing the spin game until all of my turns were used up (6+ times). Then they asked for my mailing address so they could mail me my prize. After I entered my address they told me they were mailing me a free movie ticket! But they aren’t mailing it, I got a code my email to redeem, let’s hope I can actually redeem it for a movie theater near me!
I updated my lists to accurately reflect which sweeps are instant wins (you know if you win immediately after playing) and which sweeps are daily entries then wait, wait, wait to find out if you won. The instant sweeps definitely feel more rewarding to enter and many offer coupons as consolation prizes.
Please leave a comment if you have any questions, and let me know what you are winning! You can easily get to this list all week long simply by clicking on “Sweeps” in the black menu bar beneath my header. You’ll have to scroll down if there are any new sweeps for the week. Happy sweeping!