No free toys at Target, but this is worth telling you about! My friend Lisa told me about these great Target printable toy coupons on their website (40 different coupons) that you can use in the store or on the website until November 21. These coupons are for a wide variety of toys and range from $3 to $20 off of a specific toy. If you might be buying Polly Pocket as a gift, check out the coupon for $10 off a Polly Pocket Jet. You can combine this printable Target coupon with the $5 printable manufacturer’s coupon for a total of $15 off one Polly Pocket Jet Playset. This item has a regular price of $44.99, but I have heard rumored that it is on sale in stores this week for $39.99. For those of you who don’t normally use coupons at Target, you can combine the use of one Target coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon on one item (so use two coupons on one item). I have taken advantage of this “coupon magic” several times with success.