Using Kizoodle is almost like getting stuff for free because you never exchange money with anyone. Here is a simple overview of how it works: it is an open swap forum where you post things to “sell” for credits, after you successfully “sell” an item then you can “buy” things with the credits in your account. The only cash you will ever spend is on shipping your items that “sell”, but you request credits to cover the shipping costs. What types of items are available to buy on Kizoodle? Everything for baby, kids, and moms!!! What am I “buying” first with my 7 Kiz Credits? As soon as I post my first item and successfully “sell” it, I will be getting Thomas the Tank Engine Party supplies (banner, pin, thank you cards, napkins, streamers) for a total of 7 Kiz Credits (includes shipping). I’m planning ahead for my son’s 3rd birthday party!

How do YOU get started with 7 Kiz Credits in your account and start swapping in Kizoodle? Follow these simple instructions:
1. Sign-up for your new account
2. Sign-in to your account with your username and password
3. Click on “My Kizoodle” in the menu on the left, then on “My Kiz Store” in the pop-up menu
4. Enter this promo code: D3G2IV and you will receive 7 Kiz Credits in your account (this is my referral code, so if you have a friend already using Kizoodle, ask them for their referral code!)

What’s next? To use your credits to start “buying” items, you need to first list at least one item and successfully “sell” it:
1. From “My Kiz Store” click on “Post an Item”
2. Fill out the form with information about your item, you can also upload a photo of the item (I highly recommend taking the time to take a photo of your item, it will “sell” faster)
3. You have complete control of how many credits you request for the item and for shipping, but the general guideline is that one credit equals about one dollar.
4. I recommend browsing the store by clicking on “Go Shopping” to compare your item with other similar items posted (but don’t get too excited about the things you want to “buy”, you have to focus on “selling” something first!)

Guess what I’m doing today? Looking for stuff to list on Kizoodle so that I can start getting the stuff on my wish list! I hope that you are as excited about Kizoodle as I am and I look forward to reading your posts about your experiences using this new tool for the budget-conscious mom! Thanks to Nicole for sharing this website with me!

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