I wanted to highlight what I consider 4 of my best posts on Freebies 4 Mom. My hope is that these will also answer many of the questions that some of my newer readers have.

Be An Empowered Consumer – I want you to stand up for yourself and be able to use your coupons and get the free samples you want. I share my tips here with how to do that.

Free Magazines 4 Mom – It is true, I don’t pay for any of my magazine subscriptions because I get them all for FREE. You can too and I share the best resources here. When specific offers become available for a free subscription I’ll be sharing it with you first because the best free magazine subscriptions go fast!

8 Tips for Smart Freebie Finders – I want you to use your own good judgement about when a free sample offer is worth asking for. Here are my tips on how to look critically at all free sample offers you encounter.

Stick with me for your Freebies – Why I am picky about what I share with you in my posts, and why you should be picky too!

I’ve been writing on Freebies 4 Mom for over one year now so let me know what questions you have or what freebies you are most interested in. Likely I have already written about it and I can point you to what you are interested in.

Did you know that part of my celebration of One Year of Freebies 4 Mom involves giving away lots of goodies to my readers? Please browse my current giveaways and enter those you’d like to have a chance at winning.