This is what your kitchen table will look like if you join the Coupon Exchange! Over 100 coupons for me to pick and choose from, then I put new coupons in the envelope and mail it off to the next person in this round robin coupon train I belong to.

The Coupon Exchange is a great way to have access to a wider variety of coupons while sharing the coupons you don’t need with others. It is a Yahoo Group that is free to join and participate in and it functions similar to a “coupon train”, except that you keep going round and round so it is a “round robin coupon train”. This group is for the serious couponer, you need to actively participate or you will be removed from the group. I’ve been participating in the Coupon Exchange since October, and I have found it to be an easy way to expand the coupons available for my use and to share coupons I don’t need with people who can use them. Each group of coupon exchangers is small, and there is more than one envelope circulating, so you usually get about 2 envelopes each month of coupons to pick from.


If you are interested in joining, please go to to sign-up. You will be on a waiting list until a group can be formed or you can join an existing group (the groups are small so that the envelope of coupons can go around in a few weeks).