Which twenty readers won the Tom’s of Maine Kids Toothpaste Giveaway? Don’t forget that Tom’s of Maine has a great selection of natural products including kids toothpaste in both fluoride-free and anti-cavity fluoride varieties.

I’ve got to say thank you to the 1,409 readers who entered. The randomly selected winners, compliments of Random.org are:

#1210 LeeAnn S. won
#1212 Dena F. won
#657 Amy S. won
#1376 Kari V. won
#1157 Megan G. won

#983 Amy C. won
#748 Susan S. won
#193 Shelby F. won
#711 Patricia W. won
#1184 Kristina Y. won

#1358 JoAnne A. won
#182 Aparna K. won
#1018 Monika D. won
#88 Leanne K. won
#129 Heather P. won

#10 Stephanie W. won
#441 Jean H. won
#976 Ecaterina P. won
#551 Jessica K. won
#1308 Tom S. won

How do you know if you won? I just share the winner’s first name and last initial here, but I sent the winners an email with the subject line “You Won (enter prize here) on Freebies 4 Mom”. Because there were so many winners, I collected your mailing address when you entered this giveaway. Tom’s of Maine will mail you the toothpaste you won soon!

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